MORE ADVANCED                         

,Heavy duty and reasonable frane structure,matches with high precision main drving-roller,makes themachine running in lower noise and vibration.
,Unique holder and jiggling-adjustment style of contact-roller,ensure the running accuracy and relable of main contact-roller.
,New mechanical up-down equipment,is not only convenient for adjustment,but also ensures correct for adjustment,but also ensures correct and same thickness of work piece.
,With disk brake system,the machine brakes reliably and quickly even if electricity or compressed air is stopped suddenly in any time.
,The feeding system of AC,invert-frequency,is unnecessary to take account of overload of motor for operator.
,Special design of sanding-belt tension and tracking system,makes the tensile force uniformly, tracking calmly.

 The calibrating contact-roller is taking initiative in driving and matches with suitable power of motor, which not only makes the sander more powerful(the capacity of cutting once is up to 3mm), but also reduces the wastage of power.

 SANDA pays emphases on design and manufacturing The thickness tolerance of calibrated board is up to\0.075mm.High accurate contact-roller are equipped with precision pad,which mades the surface of finished board finer.

 SANDA updates the first-rate design continuously,applies the last technic,and utilizes the advanced outfit to improve the accuracy of the sander to meet the demands of market and customers.

  SM series of sanders is the high-tech product which SANDA owns unique design and technology.

,To protect the edges of sanding-belt,photoelectric survey the track of the sanding-belts when they are swing.
,Advanced and reliable PLC control system.
,The control deck is very easy to operate.
,Disk brakes and the interlock electric control system highly improves the securities when the sander is running.
,The mechanism of the sander is appropriate to make the adjusting and the maintaining convenient.
,Newest feeding mechanism ensures the long-time usage.
,Non-key juncture is used in the main rollers,so the strength is very high.
,Famous brand are selected in bearing,PLC,VVVF,and the main apparatus of air system and electric system.